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Re: The future of the sailing world. Why are there so few young people cruising??

Let me post a little of what I have noticed in 20 to 30 somethings cruising around the world. I'm not talking about those who can not get away for all the lousy reasons and poor excuses given on this thread.

Most serious young cruisers we have met have worked in high end blue collar jobs and not a degree job, though many have degrees to go along with their trades they have no need to use them.

We have met many over the years who work seasonal on tugs as deck hands, cooks and engine mechanics. They sail as far as they can on what money they have saved then put the boat away in places like New Zealand and go back to work on the tug for 6 months. They then sail for 6 months at a time when not on the tug.

The best job we have seen is marine diesel mechanics that are certified. They always have had work where ever they go be it work on other cruisers boats or as soon as they enter another port there is always work for as long as they like. Usually the companies can get that mechanic a working visa right off the bat for 6 months of work. I have seen this many times over the last 40 years of cruising.

Another great job and in demand is work on the worlds oil rigs. Last time I looked there were over 2000 jobs on rigs around the world at any given time. We once met a solo sailor in his late 20's who if I remember right worked 6 weeks on, 7 days a week, 12 hour shifts for more money than a GP doctor makes. He then had 6 weeks off and flew to his destination of choice in a 1800 mile radius of where his job was, free. About every 2 years he quit the job to sail for 18 more months and still had lots of money left over. My 20 year old son just graduated from a big engine diesel school that cost us about 40 K to put him through it. He has had many offers of jobs like I mentioned above around the world. Like I say there are so many of these jobs that are just right for properly trained 20 somethings

Others we have met in their 20 and 30's had their own businesses which they sold, took the money and went sailing. One example, we met a Belgium guy who started his own auto body shop and sold it 7 years later, bought a nice 35 foot modern design euro boat which is affordable and off he went to the S. Pacific.

I don't recall many young hi tech people out sailing the world, know of only one lawyer who quit his profession early on built a boat and was off cruising.

Maybe you wanna be cruisers need to re evaluate your careers. Maybe too many young people screwed up listening to your parents harp on getting a university education. I know the drill we harped for ever for the kid to go to university but now we know he made the right choice of big engine diesel school and can go back to college later if he wants after making lots of money in the next 3 to 7 years.

Best of luck.


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