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Re: Towed Generator that We Really Need

I am onboard with this idea, GJ. Really. My only immediate critique would be the Torqueedo runs at higher RPM than most trollers, IIRC. That's one way it gets its HP boost. You need an alternator optimized for low speed output for most hydrogenerators to work. Not sure where a Torqueedo is on its power curve at 400 RPM.

But otherwise, I think the basic electric outboard/hydro-gen idea is feasible, whether hacked or purpose-built. Would to see the output of a basic troller in gen mode -- might be as high as 4A, even with the standard prop. But purpose-built could be better. You'd need to sell a few thousand a year to pay for development, tho. On a related tangent, a bunch of us brainstormed the possibility of decentralizing power distribution on sailboats. Instead of the current design -- big 12VDC battery bank, single breaker panel, fat wires run everywhere -- a system using a single 'spinal cord' down the center of the boat, or several smaller batteries (probably LiIon) was discussed. Also, higher DC voltages. Your Torqueedo battery could plug into a socket in the forepeak, to run a windlass or bow-thruster. It recharges via smaller diameter wires. When you need the dink, you un-dock the battery, plug it into your outboard, and off you go.

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