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Re: Water Filteration

Originally Posted by RichH View Post
Sorry guy but most USA municipal water systems are dosed with Chlorine... clorox is a cheap, efficient and highly effective way to keep the 'bio-burden' in water to a reasonable level.
Reverse Osmosis is NOT a guarantee for 'purity water' 1. the membranes cant be validated for their 'integrity' and have MANY manufacturing defects routinely in their surface. 2. bacteria is collected by those membranes ... mostly with 'cracks'.
Before USA water came under the control of the 'sanitarians', the average lifespan was 45 y/o. Fully 1/3 of the deaths in third world countries are caused by water borne parasitic diseases. The US municipal water system is NOT as you 'think' it is ... many deaths have been reported recently due to chlorine resistant pathogens ... and not all the US systems have been 'corrected' since those outbreaks.

and here's the simplest kicker for you ... do you even know what ÁM filter and what required removal efficiency at that ÁM rating to use to remove 'bacteria'? .... hint: you cant buy them at a West Marine or a Home Depot !!!!!
Rich... While I never mentioned in any of my posts 'municipal' water was not good... I filter this water at my house with 5 micron filters... this water is filtered right after the meter... then the various water outlets for each 'drinking' unit or faucet is filtered again to remove sediments in the pipes and nasty tastes coming from sitting in the pipes... same goes with the boat... I use two filters to remove the clorine/flourines and any particulates in the water... the reverse osmosis is NOT for drinking but for my marine aquarium applications and mostly to remove phosphates and nitrates in the water before adding to my saltwater mix...

Before working for NASA... I spent a year+ working for PALL Life Sciences in their medical filtration unit... there we spent our time engineering .02 micron and less filters for lab/medical uses and yes at that level the water is purified of bacteria and ready for USP uses.... some of the filters we specialized in....

By the way... you might want to read up on the MSDS of sodium hypochlorite... 'Section 3' ... Target: Blood.... really not something I want 'flowing' in my blood!

Using clorox to clean and sterilized holding tanks is fine and dandy... as long as the flushing is tested to insure you have residues that are less than a certain percentage in ppm... then it's safe and then again the filters come in play...

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