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Re: how to get back on Sailnet moderators take notice!

Tod, there appear to be some server-side issues at Sailnet that the admins cannot resolve. I've been having on ongoing one since late last year, where I can't log in, and after I log in (and the screen shows me as logged in) the system generates a vBulletin error message telling me I'm not logged in. While the screen shows I am.

If I go to the SailNet Community - Powered by vBulletin page, it won't log me in automatically. If I go to a forum message page directly, or from the main page, shazaam, I'm logged in automatically.

To me this says the cookie handling on the forum servers is corrupted, or a database holding user account information is corrupted, or some scripts are corrupted. SOMETHING is fubar on the server, the admins say everything is OK. The same problem (a server-side file corruption) could be behind your problem. Apparently only two or three members are having any problem with the server, or only two or three of us are able to post about problems.

I've also "cleared" the problem by resetting my password, once. But the next time I tried to do that, I couldn't resert my password because (drumroll) I wasn't logged in. Although of course I had been logged in, in order to open the UserCP at all.

I'm on other forums that use vBulletin, they work without problems. I've done the manual cookies purge, so that can't be the problem. I've tried multiple browsers and computers, so I know where the problem lives: On the Sailnet server.

I expect they'll have to raise the membership fees in order to bring someone in to fix the server problems. Just remember, if the postman brings you a tin can embossed with the Sailnet logo and there's a string attached to it, pull the string tight, do not cut it! That will be the new system being deployed. :-)
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