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Re: Battery Charger AC Wiring Question

Rules and regulations? No, feel free to hack away. Although if your boat is insured and your hack results in a fire, they may walk away from you because the job is not "up to code".

Look, your charger is saying it is UNSAFE unless it is plugged into a GFI protected source. A GFI is basically a $10 device. If your life is worth ten bucks, go find one and install one. The correct way to do that is to install it as close as possible to the AC inlet on your boat (if you have shore power connection). If you've got no shore power, wire one up at your breaker panel. Whether you buy a GFI-protected outlet, or a short power cord with a GFI in it, or a "box" with a is cheap protection.

On moving the generator output from the genset to the breaker panel? I can't see the point in hardwiring it unless, really, spending ten bucks is such anathema to you. Leave the genset alone, leave the warranty alone, leave the genset able to be used off the boat if you had to. Like marc said, buy a two-dollar male plug, wire it up to your AC breaker panel as the *sole* input, and plug it into the genset. You've got more options that way and you've only spent two bucks to do it.

In which case the GFI will have to be in the AC panel, and your charger will have to be plugged into that as well?
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