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Re: Hanse 415/HR 412

Originally Posted by PCP View Post

Regarding the Hanse 415, from the photos it seemed to me that the boat had finally a better quality interior and I mean mostly in what regards design. Well, it has not and the boat exposed was of particular bad taste in what regards color combinations.

It is a shame. Dehler that is from the same group had already managed to sort out the interior design problem and I am sure they contracted a good specialized interior designer to design the 38 interior. I don't understand why Hanse doesn't do the same. Makes no sense. I guess that the guy that is in charge of Hanse is not very sensible to that (not to say that he as an uneducated taste) and he is not able to see that the boats have a problem on that area.

Besides that the storage space is very scarce. They made the interior aft cabins high at the cost of the interior space of the lateral cockpit lockers that are small and the boat has not any other meaningful storage space on the cockpit. Simply you will not have the space to store the fenders inside. On this boat, contrary to the Jeanneau 409, you cannot have a three cabin boat unless you use the boat only for week-end cruising.

About the HR 412, I visited the boat with my daughter that is almost a graduate in design, to show her a boat with a quality interior. Well, she was not impressed at all, neither me. The quality is good but probably not as good as on a Solaris 37 that we had visited previously and the design quality is just vulgar while on the Solaris is outstanding.

The overall design of the boat is also of average quality and I men cabin and cockpit and even my daughter noticed that. The only thing that stands out is the aluminum fixed spraywood that looked as good as ever.

But most of all what was really odd was the lack of storage space on the cockpit, a bit like the Hanse. You just don't have space for taking the fenders in and that is ridiculous in my opinion. Many shipyards have been investing too much in interior space, the one most people notice most on the boat shows, at the cost of outside storage and functionality in what regards cruising.

I was not expecting Halberg-Rassy to be one of them. My boat or the Salona 41 have incomparably more outside storage space than the HR 412. Both boats can be used for cruising with a 3 cabins set-up, not the HR 412, that is like the Hanse 415 strictly a 2 cabin boat in what regards cruising, I mean, not week-end cruising.

I find that unacceptable on a 12.6m boat, specially if it is a main stream cruiser and not a performance boat like the Salona 41 or the Comet 41.

Saying that, I am quite sure that both boats are good sailing boats, or even very good sailing boats (taking into consideration their type) in all other aspects and that's why I was disappointed.


Hi Paulo

Thanks for all the feedback. As ever no punches pulled but that what makes this such a great thread.

A few things though.

- Design Unlimited were responsible for the interior design in my Hanse 350. Hanse do seem to have contracted an outside specialist. You obviously feel that it is more Design Limited than Design Unlimited
- Colour combinations - I am not sure what combos were shown at the Dusseldorf boat show, but most of the combos I have seen involve grey, natural sandy colors, stainless steel and white. Dufour, Jeanneau and many others have opted for this which I personally really like. As the French say though "on discute des gouts et des couleurs" which basically means that these are down to personal taste
- quality of workmanship. Are we sure that we are making a valid comparison here. Comparing a boat that costs a third of another is hardly a valid comparison. Hanse 415 versus Halberg Rassy 412 is no comparison as much as I love my Hanse. Most Hanse owners are more interested in the hull strength with GRP strong back, stability, good design from Judel Vrolijk, the rig which is now from Selden and Lewmar.. And of course speed. The Hanse motto is easy sailing, fast sailing which I think is an accurate summary
- storage. I agree with your comments absolutely. We sail with our fenders on the deck because of a lack of space and I don't want to store them down below. Not the safest and not ideal but acceptable for coastal hopping. The solution on a 35 foot yacht is to have 2 berths instead of 3 and to be able to access the storage area from the cockpit as well as from the head as is the norm. This is a perfectly acceptable solution for coastal sailing IMHO. I don't have any experience to comment on whether this works for long distance cruising. I have seen some very well organized storage areas in boats that have been set up like this.
- A 2 berth Hanse 415 would solve all of the storage issues and would be perfect for coastal hopping. On the other hand, the big brands are designing boats for coastal cruising and the charter market. The emphasis here is on comfort at anchorage and in a marina and in this regard I think they have got it right albeit by sacrificing storage. Compromise compromise ...
- Water tight compartment near the rudder. A brilliant idea and I would prefer to have one for sure. However, again if we are comparing Hanse with Dufour, with Jeanneau with Beneteau with Bavaria, do they have a watertight compartment in this area? I am asking the question because I don't know. If the answer is yes and Hanse are lacking in this area, you can be sure that I will throw the cat amongst the pigeons in our forum.

Chapeau to Francois. An unbelievable achievement. The Mount Everest of yachting and then some. What these folks know about yachts compared to my knowledge leaves me feeling like an absolute beginner.



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