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Re: Hanse 415/HR 412

Originally Posted by daviid View Post
Hi Paulo

Thanks for all the feedback. As ever no punches pulled but that what makes this such a great thread.

A few things though.

- Design Unlimited were responsible for the interior design in my Hanse 350. Hanse do seem to have contracted an outside specialist. You obviously feel that it is more Design Limited than Design Unlimited
- Colour combinations - I am not sure what combos were shown at the Dusseldorf boat show, but most of the combos I have seen involve grey, natural sandy colors, stainless steel and white. Dufour, Jeanneau and many others have opted for this which I personally really like. As the French say though "on discute des gouts et des couleurs" which basically means that these are down to personal taste
- quality of workmanship. Are we sure that we are making a valid comparison here. Comparing a boat that costs a third of another is hardly a valid comparison. Hanse 415 versus Halberg Rassy 412 is no comparison as much as I love my Hanse.
Hi David. I am not comparing the Hanse with the Halberg-Rassy. They appeared together because both boats presented at Dusselforf disappointed me and not for the same reasons. They disappointed me because I had high hopes on both boats and in the Hanse case it was the possibility of its interior being of better design quality than the previous Hanse and that is not the case.

Regarding materials and color schemes, I am looking at it with the eyes of a professional in the area. I am used to give people what they want in regards tastes that are not necessarily mine but other thing is the quality in design choices and color combinations. The model that I saw had just an unacceptably bad quality on the color scheme. Not to do with my particular preference for that was just wrong. Besides the interior wood was looking more Ikea than never and really did not even looked like wood but some plastic imitation of wood.

Again I am not comparing with the HR but with previous Hanse and other boats on the same category like Oceanis, Bavaria, Jeanneau or Dufour.

Originally Posted by daviid View Post

Most Hanse owners are more interested in the hull strength with GRP strong back, stability, good design from Judel Vrolijk, the rig which is now from Selden and Lewmar.. And of course speed. The Hanse motto is easy sailing, fast sailing which I think is an accurate summary...

- Water tight compartment near the rudder. A brilliant idea and I would prefer to have one for sure. However, again if we are comparing Hanse with Dufour, with Jeanneau with Beneteau with Bavaria, do they have a watertight compartment in this area? I am asking the question because I don't know. If the answer is yes and Hanse are lacking in this area, you can be sure that I will throw the cat amongst the pigeons in our forum.
David, I like many things on Hanse, specially regarding stability. It is one of the most seaworthy boats in its class and it is just because I like many things that I am pissed and disappointed that they cannot manage to put the rest of their act together.

The interior lack of quality in design is an example, they no longer offered an epoxy option on the hull is another and regarding to water tight bulkheads (protecting a possible rudder water ingress) each boat is a case and I don't know what models have them but I know that for Instance all Salonas have them, my boat too and I think Elans and Dehlers too. Not sure about the others. it is not that difficult or expensive and it is a big safety feature. I remember some years back a brand new Hanse 37 went under quickly because it had broken the rudder (water ingress) and had not a waterproof bulkhead.


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