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Re: DIY - discussion on building a DIY hookah diving compressor


I know a LOT about scuba diving. I have logged hundreds of dives, in all sorts of conditions, from warm water to deep water to under-ice diving, using recreational scuba gear through Technical diving gear and Rebreathers. As such I am qualified to comment here.

I cannot tell you how bad an idea it is to use the wrong compressor to supply breathing air. It was suggested above that using the Harbor Freight kind of compressor made it as though you were breathing WD40 with each breath. I would much rather breathe WD40 than compressor oil - which you will invariably be breathing if you use a garage compressor (this is not to say that I have any interest in breathing WD40). In the short term, the chance of a blackout from breathing atomized oil is pretty high. In the long term, just go ahead and pick whatever serious chronic lung malady you'd prefer to die from.

Fish tank compressors! Are you people on glue?

Of the ideas in the thread above, the best one for bang for the buck is a very long hose on a scuba tank on deck. This is a fairly foolproof method that can be done very cheaply. With good quality Craigslist gear (have it serviced), I would think you could do it for a couple hundred plus the cost of a custom hose. Two caveats to this. First, someone needs to stay on deck to spot you, and monitor your air usage. Running out of breathing gas, even at 6 feet, could end up a hazardous occurrence. Second, this method does not excuse you from learning the basics of recreational diving. Just how stupid do you think you'd look at your funeral if you drowned under your boat 'cuz you were being a tool? Besides being scuba certified is cool. Imagine the extra fun on your next warm water vacation?!

Please, if you feel an overwhelming need to be this kind of cheap and stupid, sit down and shoot yourself. It's much cheaper and more efficient.

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