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Re: Perkins 4.108M DIY Rebuild -- A Narrative

Originally Posted by PorFin View Post
As SJB suggested, I decided to seal the areas of the block and head with Glyptal. Lots of varying opinions out there in the interwebs about the wisdom, utility and benefit of doing this; some folks swear by it, others raise worries about the paint coming loose and plugging up the oil pump and/or oil galleys. Others raise worries about the paint's insulating properties retarding heat transfer from the oil out through the block and oil pan. What ultimately swayed me in favor was that it had been done to this engine before and it looked to be holding up just fine.
I had the same concern about it flaking. After I ran the engine for the initial 20 minute break in period I changed the oil & filter. I cut the filter apart and found a few small flakes and that was it. It doesn't affect heat transfer to any measurable extent. I first learned about it decades ago from racers who did it primarily to speed up oil drainback at high RPM's. They wouldn't continue to do it if any of those concerns were valid.

Somehow I suspect the people expressing those concerns have never done it and experienced the benefits.

Anyway, once it was masked off I then sprayed the bejeesus out of it with brake cleaner to wash off any remaining oil residue or other contaminants. After double checking to make sure the tape had not lifted I began to paint. Nothing fancy, I just went at it with a chip brush, and a couple of smaller art brushes I picked up at Michaels. Here's how she looks now.
Very nice job. I used spray cans rather than brushing though - is Glyptal available that way? Spraying with brake cleaner is a good idea. I wiped it down with lacquer thinner which also worked well but was much more work.

I'll be interested to know if it keeps the oil as noticeably cleaner in a diesel - I've only done it in a gas engine.

P.S. Don't forget to do the inside of your sheetmetal parts - rocker cover, front cover, oil pan etc.

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