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Re: Towed Generator that We Really Need

That is a joke, right?

First paragraph:
Statement of problem and declaration that people trying to solve it have no clue and little chance of success.

Second paragraph:
Stating the obvious about trolling motors with a gentle, but unfounded feature presentation of Torqeedo.

Third paragraph:
Statement of own superior qualification, and semi-clear suggestion how not glorious self, but Torqeedo could and should solve stated problem.
Very clear estimates of prices, engineering solutions proposed, without ANY base.

Appeal to "Marine Industry" to listen.

Are you TROLLING????

Originally Posted by SailingJackson View Post
Similar recent thread talks much about trying to hack a trolling motor into a hydrogenerator. Reviewing that thread, it's clear that there are a lot of creative and resourcful people with interesting ideas. It's also clear that most of them don't understand the fluid dynamics involved and few of the ideas would have a chance of working.

Trolling motors are cheap things designed for lightweight use, running fishing boats around at slow speed. On the other hand the Torqeedo Electric Outboard is a much more powerful device and better designed for exposure in the marine environment.

Having been a product design engineer for 30 years, doing both mechanical and electrical design, I am highly suspect about the success of a hacked system. On the other hand, it certainly seems to me that the smart guys who designed Torqeedo could develop a similar version that could clamp on the transom as a hydrogenerator, with it's power electronics doing a controlled system charge. The same device could then be unclamped from the transom, clamped onto your dinghy. A quick prop change (yes towing is different than motoring), add the battery pack, and your ready to zip around the harbor. This seems a realistic goal for a product. It might cost 50% more than a regular Torqeedo, perhaps even twice. Even if it cost as much as a Watt & Sea generator, the Watt & Sea is only a generator. An outboard/generator would serve dual purpose for a typical cruiser.

Marine Industry: Are you listening?

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