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Re: EEK! They've taken the sulfur out of Marine Diesel!

Originally Posted by MedSailor View Post

I was talking with a marine diesel mechanic and he told me that they've now taken almost all the surfur out of marine diesel. I knew that the on-road stuff was low sulfur now but I thought us (off-road) boaters were still polluting. Apparently not!

He told me that since diesel fuel is the primary lubricant for the high pressure fuel pump and parts of the injectors that those are the parts wearing out rapidly now. He said that Seattle Injector has had to hire more staff to deal with the increased demand of suddenly worn out $3000 injector pumps.

His recommendation was to add a lubricant additive to the fuel. He likes the biobor brand but says many other brands work.

Read more here:
Locomotive, marine and non-road diesel fuel standards begin at later dates. - Clean Diesel Fuel Alliance

The ASTM 975 lubricity specification for #2 diesel fuel has been in place since 2006, and the ultra-low sulphur fuels must meet it. So there has been NO change in the lubricity spec that fuels must meet. If ULSD can lubricate the 25,000 PSI fuel pump in my 2013 TDI, I'm sure it can lubricate the 30-year old technology fuel pump in my Universal.

The failures I think have been of seals that were in a poor state anyway, and ULSD sends them over the edge.

Just because some guy at the marina says it's true, doesn't make it true.

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