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Re: EEK! They've taken the sulfur out of Marine Diesel!

Originally Posted by MarkSF View Post
The ASTM 975 lubricity specification for #2 diesel fuel has been in place since 2006, and the ultra-low sulphur fuels must meet it. So there has been NO change in the lubricity spec that fuels must meet. If ULSD can lubricate the 25,000 PSI fuel pump in my 2013 TDI, I'm sure it can lubricate the 30-year old technology fuel pump in my Universal.

The failures I think have been of seals that were in a poor state anyway, and ULSD sends them over the edge.

Just because some guy at the marina says it's true, doesn't make it true.
I agree, it is likely the age of the seals, and the ULSD pushes them over the edge, but if you can avoid the failure a few years or more, then it is cheap insurance given how little fuel the average sailboat uses. I was surprised at Stanadyne's results were so low, I wonder how there current formula would be if there has been any change. I know that is one of the top additives for the modern VW crowd. I hope to pick up a new TDI whenever the new Golf 7 comes to the US, or I may get a Jetta Sport-wagon or Golf 6. I was not impressed with the new Passat or Jetta.

I also wonder about availability of the top rated additives from that study. Keep in mind the marine environment has other things to be concerned about other than just lubrication. (High levels of H2O and other contaminates) You are also likely better off finding the best source of fuel before even worrying about additives. I know a lot of Marine supplies are suspect to begin with. With my previous diesels I have religiously used truck stops to make sure I got high quality fresh fuel, but you cant do that with a sailboat unless you use jerry cans.

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