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Re: EEK! They've taken the sulfur out of Marine Diesel!

Originally Posted by TropicCat View Post
Not quite the same thing though, is it? Your 2013 engine was designed for Ultra low sulfur fuel, and our older diesels were not. This is the entire point.

Read the test. If guys who drive a diesel 1,000,000 miles swear this is the bible, are you better qualified to disagree with them?

And please refrain from shooting the messenger.
Right above there's a post from a guy who runs a trucking company, and hasn't seen any change in fuel pump failures.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that low lubricity is bad, or that ULSD has lower lubricity than old high sulphur fuel. The question is, is ULSD that meets the ASTM spec SUFFICIENTLY lubricitous? And if so, how often does it not meet spec, and why?

The question in that test you quote, is how come the baseline fuel failed the wear spec it should have met? Was it contaminated or poorly made?

An interesting fact is that, since VW introduced the latest TDI engine in 2009, and had some problems with fuel pump failures, VW have taken to testing the fuel in every car that suffers a failure, and makes a warranty claim - and are finding gasoline contamination in the diesel, every single time.

So it seems possible that fuel pump failures are at least sometimes, and probably most of the time, due to contamination of diesel with gasoline (or marvel mystery oil!)

So the best action you can take is to make sure you get fuel from a reputable supplier.

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