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Re: Newbe with no experience buys big boat

Originally Posted by smackdaddy View Post
Tell whoever owns that sailboat at the end of the dock that they need to do a better job securing their halyards in a blow. Shameful.

Probably a newb. Heh-heh.
LOL! Good eye, there... Yeah, I'll bet that dumbass is still trying to figure out how that spare halyard got free...

Two days later, however, I managed to do something WAY dumber...

I was leaving Francois early on a Sunday morning, flat calm, headed for another fjord around the corner, maybe 2 hours distant. It was gonna be calm, so I was just gonna tow my dinghy for the short trip...

So, I pull away from the dock aways, then stop the boat to bring in fenders and dock lines... All the dock lines had been doubled, and in removing them, I first had to untie the dink... I always use 2 separate painters when towing my dinghy any distance, and in clearing all the dock lines, I 'secured' them with a few casual wraps around the stern cleat, and continued deflating the fenders, and stowing all my gear... You can likely guess where this story is going... (grin)

Ready to get going again, put the engine in gear, set the autopilot, and jump down below to brew some coffee... Only my second of the morning, so I'm still half asleep... After about 5 minutes, however, something doesn't "feel right"... I'm looking around, admiring the beautiful view astern, when it finally dawns on me - something is missing...

The morning was so still, my tender had probably not moved more than a few yards from where my half-assed 'temporary' wrap around the cleat had eventually slipped free, and set it adrift... I sheepishly returned to the scene of the crime, half-wishing my stupidity had been concealed by fog, instead of happening in the clear light of such a beautiful day... I have no doubt, within an hour or two at most, every single one of the 130 residents of Francois had already had a good chuckle as the story the incompetence of some dumb American yachtie had spread through the community...

I'll bet someone even said something like, "We never used to see clowns like this up here, back in the days before GPS enabled them to find their way here to begin with..." (grin)

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