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Re: Looking for and thoughts on my next boat 40 to 50 '

Originally Posted by Cruisingdad View Post
Is the Morgan 43 Kindred Spirit? If so, it looks like a really well taken care of boat and very comfortable cruiser for two. Of course, I have not seen it in person, so only going off the writeup.

The Irwins (my opinion) are either super boats or a disaster. I have been on several Irwins that were just magnificent, well taken care of, very little maintenance issues, etc. That would be a potentially good boat. I have also seen more Irwins getting peeled than any other boat I can recall. I am not telling you to shy away from Irwins... I am saying just be cautious as it may be an awesome boat or a money pit. ChuklesR recently bought one IIRC and would be a good source for information.

On a completely separate note, I would NOT get a boat that was not ICW compatible. My opinoins here, but let me tell you why. On just our last trip, while sailing down the west coast of Florida, we were in crab trap city. It's that time of year. It was blowing a constant 20kt with higher gusts. THat makes for a very uncomfortable sail when the seas start building with it. SO being able to sail during the day and jump into coves in the evening was a God Send. Also, we could make progress by taking the ICW instead of going outside. Having the ICW as an option, whetheryou use it or not, is a great safety benefit. In addition, many of the cities and places you will want to restock are air/water draft restricted to ICW numbers (65 feet and 7 feet accordingly). You don't want to gauge your next port by only ports that will accomodate your vessel. If so, cruising may take a LONG time as you will have to wait for weather windows others will not have to wait for.

Because of the above reasons, and others I don't feel like typing, I would not have a boat that was not ICW compatible. Now when you get to the Bahamas and Carribean, many of the points I pointed out are void. However, should you come to ever want to sell the boat, those that want to see the USA East coast may shy away from your boat if it was not ICW compaitble for the reasons specified.

My opinions.

It is indeed Kindred Spirit.
1987 Morgan Catalina 43 Center Cockpit Custom Sail Boat For Sale -

While I was and am impressed with this boat, I am also concerned at the level of work that was done. Sugar Scoop Transom added, Hard Bimini Top, Huge Dingy Davits, Aft Stateroom reworked to make it a centerline Queen, making the dining table smaller (I need that to work on)

Actually, all items I liked on it, but to complete it and then sell it...I wonder why. Did it not come out right? Did to change how it sailed too much? But what really had me second guess my love for it was that it did not have A/C, just 3 Ceramic Space Heaters thought the owner was installing a rear A/C unit the last time I was aboard. It was then that it did not feel as comfortable as I originally thought and found out the bed was a full foot shorter than I am tall.

Therefore, as much as I love that boat, and think it will make someone very happy, I don't think it is for me.

Hung up on an Endeavoure now, but need to get aboard as I might have trouble with that headroom.
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