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Re: Sailors rescued 900 miles off shore..

Originally Posted by smackdaddy View Post
After reading the above HWS books (and several others) - and after following several stories about rescues, and even writing about a few, the common denominator seems to be the sailor(s).

The sailor that has absolutely no intention of leaving that boat usually figures out a way to make it through. The boats fail far less often than the sailor.
It's a pity we're never likely to learn much more about this one, the language barrier will probably prevent much discussion or information about this particular voyage from being widely disseminated...

This one is really interesting, to me - I'd love to know what the hell they were thinking, doing that route this time of the year? Was it a delivery, for instance, by experienced sailors who fully understood the risks? Or, the opposite extreme, clueless sailors who dismissed or underestimated them? Perhaps not quite as unfathomable as the BOUNTY, but pretty damn close...

I'm inclined to guess the former, something along the lines of a delivery is more likely to explain the apparent destination of the East coast of the US in winter... Seems if they were simply cruisers/recreational sailors, they'd be doing the tradewind route from the Canaries to the Caribbean, along with 99.9 % of those crossing the Atlantic westbound after hurricane season...

I recall a similar case about 3-4 years ago, a multihull being delivered by a French crew, if memory serves, originally bound for the Miami Boat Show... Halfway thru the trip, the destination was changed to Annapolis, and they altered course further north... Ran into a big blow a few hundred miles E of Bermuda, capsized, and were extremely lucky to be rescued in some very serious weather...

I'm sure Paulo will be keeping a close eye on the Euro sites for us, perhaps more details will be forthcoming after the crew returns home...
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