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Re: My son's first 'car'...

Originally Posted by Cruisingdad View Post
Well, this was more fun than I thought it would be. My oldest just got his first car. Do you remember your first car? I am 41 and my first car was a 1959 Ford F150. It wasn't the classic version either, if you know what I mean! But I learned a lot and that made me able to fix problems when they came up.

Chase's first car won't be any different. In fact, it is the old family car. It's an Avon/WM 310 HPIB. I won't tell you my true feelings for it (other than it has been sitting happily in storage for some years now). I even ripped out a nice corner of it on a coral head and its patch is almost as large as the dink!!! Powering it is a wonderfully cursed 6 hp Mercury 4 stroke (called a 4 stroke because that is how many times I kick it with my foot when it craps out). But you want to know what? He didn't care. Our little project together.

Hope he learns as much about cars and engines as I was forced to... and enjoys every minute of it. THe rest of the dock did. We had many LA's coming out to shoot pics of it and cheer him on as he splashed it.


PS His reward for getting his boat was passing his boating test in the 90-100%. Kids in FL must take a boaters education course to operate any motor boat. He did it. I find him schooling me on some things now.

Hmmmm...Thats great

So your are making him a powerboater. His first boat is a powerboat. Wheres the grill? Laughing here. Congrats to him hell love it.

Its great he loves the water, but of course you model that so well. My daughter who now owns a C27, Her first was a Lightning then bought our old Hobie 16 from me.

You realize you have gotten older when you are sitting in the right hand seat having your child drive you.

When I read the title I thought real car. Ill never forget teacher her how to drive. She is 4'11 99 lbs. and needed a pillow to sit on. At the time I lived in Ocean Vity , NJ amd the exit from the island ran into a major circle. Circle in NJ are not just bengin rotaries like NE, they are often 3 major roads feeding into them. She had drivers ed so I was just sitting in the right seat giving her some practice time and decided to head to the Garden Styate Parkway to get hiway experience.

As we are heading out the old Ocean City Causeway and go over the second intercoastal bridge the circle is dead in front off us. She calls out to me.."Dad I have never been in a circle before what do I do"? I told her get in and get out but cars in the circle have the right of way. We went around that damn circle 20 times as she locked up. I was getting dzzy when I just blurted out. Get agrgressive and pick a road. She had come of age and another " Jersey Driver" was made.
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