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Re: Dusseldorf: Allures 45

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
That was also a surprise. I knew very well Allures and I had visited the previous models so why the surprise?:

The quality of finish of the boat improved greatly to the point of being comparable to Swedish boats that not only are not aluminum boats but are more expensive. I was really impressed with the price and finish quality.

Allures were solid and well built but a bit rustic, like the OVNIS. Good quality around and a decent design but nothing special.

Your wife would not buy the previous model for its interior. Well, this one she will want it only for the interior quality in design and finish. Your wife will positively love it. I forecast a big increase in sales for Allures, a boat that is not only a good and fast sailboat (aluminum centerboarder) as have a better stability compared with the OVNI and one probably similar to the one from Boreal 44.

Have a good look at this interior:

Allures 45 - Allures Yachting

I really would like to have a look at a Boreal, one of the best boats in this category. Never saw one and it was not there. In some aspects it is an even more practical boat in what regards voyaging but I wonder if the quality of design and finish matches the one from Allures.

Boreal has done an outstanding job over the last year with building their interior. When we first took a look it was just fine but they have opened up a new carpentry shop and I must say when we were over at Boreal in September the work was even better. That is coming from someone who owned a Mason44 with matched teak, mahogany, and Holly in the interior.

The new designs are much lighter and feeling more airy. That is a new and good concept with deck raised saloons. The sea berths are dark enough for good sleeping during the day when on passage. At our asking Boreal put more handholds in the interior especially around the galley area. We are also having the seat back over the centerboard for the salon table seats, just one more thing to hold on to while going forward in the interior.

I do not know if the interior matches the Allures but I'm sure the interior seaworthiness will be close. I have never been a fan of the European style galley instead of the old U shaped galley but I realize on a boat 44 feet it would be hard to have a raised salon and a U shaped galley. We will learn how to use the galley space properly while at sea. Cruising boats are always a compromise somewhere. But we are happy with how Boreal really works hard at pleasing our desires and needs. Truly outstanding so far I must say, That maybe hard to find in today's world in boat building. Only 5 months to go.

As for the sails we will make the right choice after much discussion with cruising friends and experts alike.

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