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Re: Life Span of a Boat

Originally Posted by Brent Swain View Post
Ö. For cruising purposes boat s have gotten progressively worse. Excessive bream has led to righting problems which were a non issue in the narrower ,older designs. Beam much further aft has led to less and less directional stability, in so called"Modern ' designs making it down right foolish to spend the exorbitant prices of newer designs, when older designs are available for far less than the cost of materials, and are far more suitable for cruising purposes.
You seem to think that the contemporary generation of Naval architects are globally incompetent and that the sailors that have the money that permits them chose the boats they want and choose to buy boats designed by those incompetent NAs donít have a clue about cruising or sailing. I find amazing that you remain convinced that all are foolish and you know better.

Eventually you are right in what concerns your personal perspective of a cruising boat, a perspective that is very marginal otherwise you would be making thousands of boats. Note that contrary to what you are saying regarding the vast majority of cruisers, I am not saying that your perspective regarding cruising boats is foolish, but is obviously a very marginal one.

I guess that the ones that can choose will agree with Tom:

Originally Posted by TomMaine View Post
... But any boat, racer, cruiser, usually the greyhound of it's time when new, is a performance anachronism in a decade, or three, no matter what they are. ..
Most sailors, if they could, would like to have the last and better design (among the many type of cruising boats the market offers). Some have the money to change boats each 4 years or so, most of us just have the best our money can afford, according with our financial possibilities.

To call fools to the ones that can have the cruising boat they want just because they have the possibility to do so does not make sense as it does not make sense to assume that contemporary NA are globally doing worse cruisers than 20 or 30 years ago.


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