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Re: Lets have a chat about multis.

Now that I've let the thread percolate a little and the mono folks say their piece I'll chime in.
So far, I'm the only poster to have actually owned a cat, just saying.

Cat's have nine lives, and not all cats are the same. Some are built as cruisers, some racers, some do the same oxymoronic thing mono's do and try to be a racer/cruiser or cruiser/racer.
All boats are compromises.
I paid a list price of 154k for my Gemini, new off factory floor in 2007. At the time a Bene/Catalina/Hunter in the 38 foot range was 180 ish.
Gem's are built to a price point, they have gotten better since Hunter took over, but are now in the 200-225k price range.

As to pointing ability - sure the stub keel types (Lagoons, Leopards etc.) don't point well. They aren't made to folks, no more than shoal keel mono's are.
Boards down, my Gemini pointed to 35 degrees apparent wind, fall off 5 degrees and speed went up 1/3.
I broke 14kts in 20kts of wind on a close reach - with a queen sized bed, air conditioner, three cabins and a dinghy hanging on the davits. That wasn't surfing, that was for a mile of thrill ride until common sense prevailed and I shortened sail.
Let's just close the performance issue until someone can say a comparatively sized and outfitted mono can do that, even once.

Comparing a Lagoon's pointing ability to a Malo is just wrong. Compare it (as a cruising boat) to a Island Packet.
I've sailed side by side with a IP 34, no boards for me - and it was a point to point match. I put the boards down, I outpointed it and sailed away.
I've also sailed side by side with CraigToo on his Sabre 34 (centerboard). I can't point with him, but I can catch him on a reach (not with his new assym).
When he is in cruising mode (full of people, stuff and towing a dinghy) he's right down there in the low knots with me.

Apples to apples

Apples and oranges folks.

Okay, now - as some of you know I no longer have that Gemini, I've gone back to the Dark side on a Irwin 38 CC.
Don't try to read between the lines. As the cruising time in my life approaches it makes sense to have a paid off boat rather than making payments for another decade.

The one thing none of you has mentioned so far - heeling. Cat's do heel ya know, especially the smaller ones.

Capsize, let me bring it up - sure, catamarans can and do, and when they do they don't come back up.
But they float and provide a survival platform.
Mono's roll, but come back up, sometimes they do, sometimes they just sink - with rig broken and flailing around. It's not like you are going to do anything but fire off a EPRIB and wait for rescue (same as the folks on the catamaran).

Compromises folks, it's all about compromises.

Lessons learned are opportunities earned.
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