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Re: Lets have a chat about multis.

I think in the main we have settled that accomodation wise Cats are their own pyjamas. If I have one major criticism of Cat interiors it is that the designers seem obsessed with curved settees .... in my eye an utter abomination . It must be admitted however that the more modern cruising monos are leaps and bounds ahead of their older cousins in providing comfort for their crews ... at least when anchored.

Now please, humour me somewhat as I know damn well that my knowledge of what may make a good cruising cat is somewhat limited.

LOA ... I'd thought that circa 40' had bought us into the range of big enough to avoid the downsides of a small cat. If it is so that nothing under 50' will suffice then I lose interest very rapidly indeed. I wouldn't go to a 50' mono so a 50' cat is most assuredly out of the question. Paulo's suggestion therefore that 40' is simply not big enough does concern me.

Performance ..... it would appear that something along the lines of a Lagoon 420 is pretty much on par with a medium performance mono, go to a dagger board design and things are looking better. That said and looking only at working sails (no assy for the moment) our Malo is never going to see plus ten knots, in "crikey maybe we need to tuck in a reef soon" winds we've seen 8.5knts and maybe with an assy we could see that on a reach in lighter winds. However, despite the fact that she is a big old heavy cruiser, in order to maintain that kind of speed you need to sail the old girl. Plonk her on auto and leave her pretty much to her own devices then she'll settle into a 6.5knt (or thereabouts) groove. That is fifty miles a day difference, or on a 100nm passage a difference of four hours. So, at 8.5 knots I can leave at dawn and be in port by nightfall. At 6.5 I need to be away in the middle of the night. So even a couple of knots is important.

Once upon a time if asked about such a difference I'd have answered, so whats the hurry ? The hurry quite frankly is not wanting to set sail in the dark and not wanting to arrive in a strange port after dark. If, and I say if, a mid performing cruising cat could see those 8.5 knts as a regular groove then the performance while seemingly only marginally better than a mono is in fact quite significant. I don't know about the rest of you but leaving port in the dark, settling the boat in for a passage in the dark, settling yourself in for a passage in the dark is not something I do for fun. Oh sure, on a moonlit night with bugger all wind leaving a quiet port can be thoroughly pleasant, doing the same thing into even a 15 knot headwind over a barred entrance where you will have to motor out and then set sail is very different critter indeed.

Sailing enjoyment ... despite saying that we spend 90% of our time at anchor most of our sailing (other than a harbour day sail) is coastal and I do enjoy my sailing. Having never sailed a large multi I'll be very interested to see how I feel about it. Geoff and a couple of others downplay the sailing enjoyment, that is of some concern.

Methinks a charter may be in my future.

Thanks to Chuckles and Tropi for adding a multi hull perspective to the thread.

Keep it coming.
Andrew B

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