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Re: Craigslist Scam???

"The FBI isn't going to come riding in with black Suburbans talking into ear pieces."
No, but unlike your like Deputy Dawg, the FBI and Secret Service can and do want information on every phony bill, because no one just prints two of them. If there's two, there's a thousand more from the same source. The FBI has some bungling fools, but overall they are very good at straining with a fine sieve. All the information goes in, eventualyl something comes out, sometimes from the oddest tidbit.

Like convicting Al Capone for failing to file his income taxes, when no crimes could be proven.

Or you can give up, walk away, not even try, and let the bad guys win. In which, please, my dinghy was stolen and I had to swim ashore and cut my foot on the coral and got infre3cted and now I'm in the hospital in Bonaire and they won't let me out without cash to pay my bill, but I have no cash because my stash is on the boat. So please wire just $500 to American Express in Bonaire, they will deliver it to me at the hospital so I can pay the bill and as soon as I get back to the boat I will reimburse you plus another hundred dollars for your trouble. Thank you.
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