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Re: Making a living as a liveaboard

Originally Posted by DougSabbag View Post
...we would also be most comfortable with expecting the right and the freedom to go where we want and do what we want as long as nobody else is hurt by our actions.
Well, you can EXPECT that all you want, but in today's world, it simply doesn't exist. You only have to travel between a few countries to realize that there is red tape and bureaucracy everywhere. Every country has their laws, and every country insists that you obey them. I'm pretty sure there aren't any countries on this planet that make a special exception for sailors who expect to be able to "do what we want as long as nobody else is hurt."

But, like I said, I won't judge. If you want to work "off the grid," "on the black," "under the table," or whatever they call it wherever you are from, then I say, more power to ya, and good luck!

However, I do reserve the right to be righteously unimpressed, and even laugh at your foolishness, if you make this choice, happen to be one of the few who get caught, and then whine to the world about how unfair it is for you to be punished. I only mention this because--can't remember if it was this forum, or one of the others that I frequent--some time back a poster went on a tirade about the injustice of him being jailed and fined by foreign officials when he got caught breaking their laws. He thought it was terribly wrong that HE got caught when so many others don't. Sorry, but you will get no sympathy from me on that one!

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