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Re: The Jibster

Originally Posted by AncientTech View Post
I don't have much battery left but I just had to make this post to chronicle something that I have been made aware of as a variant of the traditional sailor which is becoming more prevalent.

Jibster: A Jibster is a marine version of the proverbial hipster. They are a subculture of sailor trying to accommodate their love of sailing while simultaneously shunning the popular social concept of the modern yachtsman. They are typically between 20 and 32 years old and wear bucket hats.

A Jibster will be found on an older sailboat of fair to stout craftsmanship flying hand patched 40yr old sails of non matching color or designation. They will posses at least two anchors but always one of them will be an over sized kedge style anchor used to piss people off when he hangs up on their rode.

Jibsters will own non electric tools including galley preparation devices and will only use a battery if it is attached to a 30yr old low output solar cell and just to power the navigation lights and marine VHF. They will use candles or oil lamps at night for light and cook on rail mounted rusted hibachis using charcoal or salvaged wood.

They will have no motor on the sailboat at all preferring wind power or yuloh for all navigation yet may have a dinghy with a antique Lockwood 2hp outboard attached so they can make the Old Milwaukee beer runs more efficiently.

They believe that using any sort of GPS or electric plotting device is too mainstream therefore they will posses at least one sextant worth more than the entire boat. They will also have roll charts instead of flip books and they will be 20yrs out of date.

The Jibster usually enjoys warmer climates since they wear Bermuda shorts, t-shirts and Sam Foster sunglasses (which look awesome under a bucket hat). They also will wear Sperry shoes but only if they were purchased in a thrift shop or yard sale.

They have been known to venture to northerly shores but only to provision organic tapped syrup or dried meats. A Jibster will fish for their meals usually by baiting a handmade hook with a cigarette filter to catch the bait they will use to catch the meal. They can also make hand whittled and painted crank bait but prefer using them as decorations rather than fishing with them.

Finally, a master Jibster will have replaced all wire stays and shrouds with rope.

If you know anyone that fits some or most of this definition please help congratulate them in casting off the yoke of the oppressive mainstream consumerist sailor. Revel in their courage to navigate by chart, sky and signs of the current. Embrace them as brother to the old salts of the past and raise a Pabst Blue Ribbon in toast to them and realize that the Jibster is here to stay (until they too become mainstream and some other anti clique version of cool comes along to replace them)

In my experience it's only poverty or reverse snobbery that creates that mindset. Whatever gets you on the water though.

I, myself, personally intend to continue being outspoken and opinionated, intolerant of all fanatics, fools and ignoramuses, deeply suspicious of all those who have "found the answer" and on my bad days, downright rude.
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