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Elliot - I;m in Philly too but a newbie to saling - I'll be taking some classes in the spring and will go on some trips with PSC.

Here's a link I found:

A buddy of mine said he met a liveaboard who lived below the Ben Franklin Bridge - a great rate which includes 24hr security, pumpout, water & elec, shower and laundry, free parking and free satellite TV. I am considering gettimg a Catalina 30 and their rates indicate that all that would cost me only $277/mo - now I'm not sure if the water and electric are include or are just available but billed.

I chatted with someone else who contacted them and they they don't liveabaords - so either they don't advertise and you need to get to know them so they don't have some bozo squatter move in, or I have the wrong pier - but google searches turned up nothing else - It's almost like I have to go down there and walk around.

As for Philly winters - brrrrrr - yeah, cold - with an eletric heater I wonder if it's doable or not - I mean at least one other liveaboard is here in Philly. But you just live here now, right? And your lease is up in March - it shouldn't be too bad in April. Plus if you are leaving to go to a grad school at the end of the summer, you'll be fine.

Now me - although all I've read and chatted with peeps about, it seems like a Cat 30 is a great match for me - but to get one ready to plop in the water is at least $15K and more like $20K+ - I can't do it now - in the future I can.

I've heard from some liveabaords that Pearson 26's are not bad at all to live on with decent space - and I've seen a # advertised for $4-8000 - I may initially go that route - whenever I'm ready.

Anyone else - yea/nea ona Pearson 26?

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