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Re: Interesting Sailboats

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
Lot's of boats that meet your criteria. I guess that in what regards an upwind boat the bigger limitation is about draft even if you don't say how much under 2.00m you need to go. I guess that in what regards size a 34/35ft is the minimum considering the occasional 6.

For what I understand from previous posts you want to sail actually in places with 2.00 depth. That is much different than to access places with a minimum of 2.00 depth. For instance, with a 2/2.2m depth boat I normally sail off the 10.0m line, start to take care when I come closer. I am really careful with less than 6.0m and don't sail at all with less than 4.0m. I understand that are lot's of places where the water is very swallow for great extensions but in that case I guess one has to carefully consider the options and the draft.

If you are going to actually sail in places with a 2.0 depth it will not be safe to sail in a boat with 1.9m draft.

I guess this will be your mainly limitations in what regards the choice of a boat. Can you clarify better your needs in what regard cruising grounds and depth?


No, no, I am going to have save travels with 2.00m. I am sailing crash-free with a 2.05 HR42 for 15 years...

1.80 would at least extend the selection of harbours (but it will slower the boat)...