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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

I saw her on the rails at Boothbay Harbor Shipyard no less that three times. The most extensive re-fit I saw was the below waterline re-planking back in the early 2000's. Problem was there was nothing much to fasten the planks to....

One would have to ask, if she was completely re-planked in the early 2000's what structural issues could POSSIBLY cause her to need to be re-planked, even if just partially, again only a few years later.....????? The rot was so extensive back than I was shocked to see them slapping on new planks over the sad structure. A real "lipstick on a pig" event. The later re-planking also replaced SOME ribs but only the worst of the worst... The stem was cut out in one of the re-fits but I can't recall which one..

When we anchor in Boothbay I would land and walk the dogs at BHS. I liked to walk around the ship as I always love to watch wooden boat construction, having grown up with them..


Why? Where did they go? How do you wipe "internet archives"... That costs some $$$$$$ one would assume..... ?

What are they trying to hide? I said it back in October and I will say it again IMHO this vessel was not fit for open ocean sailing let alone sailing directly into a hurricane. I grew up around wooden boats and this is not one I would have gone to sea in even after the re-fits after having seen what I saw and what was actually under the pretty prom dress......

I don't need to read stories in Outside Magazine or anywhere else as I saw the derelict condition of this vessel with my own eyes, on multiple occasions, right down to her structural level. The work BHS did was good from what I saw. The wood used was good from what I saw especially the oak in the early 2000's, what they had to work with, structurally, SUCKED IMHO as seen with my own eyes...

Even more telling of her level of care, or lack there of, is a photo posted by Roger Long of her fuel filers. The fuel in them was as black as coffee. We now know they stuffed 2 micron filters in there, perhaps in an attempt to remedy an "issue"? Perahaps out of ignorance? Who knows, all I know is that fuel on a boat or ship should NEVER look like that, especially if heading into rough weather..

Why would anyone or any organization go to such great lengths to erase such images from history? Who did it? I certainly don't know who but do they are GONE. I know because I linked to them in numerous posts and now the images are GONE.... I should have saved them to my hard drive but that would have been copyright infringement. I tried to do the right thing and then some people SQUASHED the TRUTH and ERASED the images.

It seems quite interesting & telling to me that the only images of her that remain from her time in Boothbay are with fresh coats of paint, a highly varnished wheel & spit shined ready for launch. You can put a prom dress on a pig but she's still a pig... The real meat and potatoes images have been ripped from internet history...

BTW the fuel in the transparent Racor bowls should be red NOT black like coffee...

Here are two image addresses that were of some HORRIFYING photos that have been erased from history.. They were from 2007 well after the major re-fit in the early 2000's..

From 2007now mysteriously missing....

If I had known then that she actually sailed the ocean blue I would have taken extensive photos myself.. I mistakenly assumed she was a dockside attraction like Old Ironsides and the repairs were "good enough"... ..

-Maine Sail / CS-36T

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