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Re: The future of the sailing world. Why are there so few young people cruising??

I for sure need to go back and read the entirety of this thread. Not really being a youngster (I turn 30 at the end of March) but not being old either, all I can say about is my generation definitely has things messed up. Not because of the previous generation, not because of the economy, not because of technology.... but all these things combined. I KNOW that no matter how much I put into social security, 401k, retirement.... is useless unless I actively watch where my money goes, it will be gone before the usual retirement age. The promise I made myself when I left college (that's another story, because I am pretty smart) was that I would "retire" before I was 40. The original plan was to move to the Patagonia region of Chile and run a small scale (and affordable) fishing/snowboarding/rafting B&B/commune. All I've ever wanted out of life was for work to seem less like work. The older I grew the more I realized I have great personal skills, as well as pretty decent business skills, and figure the less you hate your job, the less that "job" seems like work. I would rather guide a drift boat taking people fishing 300+ days a year, before I would sit behind a desk for 225 days a year. When I finally figured out that living on the hook, taking people part time fishing, and working whatever else I could find to put extra money in my pocket (to save for retirement/boat repairs) really satisfied my life goals, I made the decision and that's my goal. The main problem with my generation and subsequent ones is this, we have been told that without a college education we can't make anything of our lives..... This is not true. Some of the more successful people alive right now, either do not have a college education, or at least do not have an education in their field. Not bashing traditional education, but when I went for non-linear film editing (digital) I was required to take a bunch of classes that had absolutely nothing to do with film editing. Not to mention the giant price tag that this endeavor created. After managing a number of outdoor shops, restaurants, and working almost any job you can think of, I know what I do and don't want to do. Most of my generation believes you can't have a happy life without a big house, multiple cars, a big paying job (to take care of what we're told we need, but don't actually need). It really boils down to a matter of need and want, and we've been told what most people want is what we NEED. I'm glad to throw off the shackles of the "WANT" society and realize what I need. Because what I need is piece of mind, an outdoor job instead of sitting behind a computer, and passion for what I do. I hope more people follow their hearts and realize that a $60,000 car is nothing more than a money pit unless that $60,000 doesn't really hurt your wallet.

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