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Re: What to do with my old spinnaker?

If the fabric of the sail feels okay, and the seams are good, there is no reason you can't use the sail without a pole although not dead down wind. You can make yourself a "tacker" that loops over your furled head sail and will ride up and down over the sail controlled by a tack line through a snatch block set just forward of your head stay. The tacker can be made by passing a length of wire rope through a collection of solid plastic balls--enough to encircle the furled jib loosely--and bending the ends back over themselves around thimbles and secured with compression swages (i.e. a string of parrell beads). Then fit snap shackles through each thimble--one to snap the two thimble ends together, encircling the furled jib and the second to connect to the tack of the spinnaker. The "tack line" than connects to the tacker at the point at which its thimbles are joined, or to the "tack" of the sail itself. With this arrangement, the height of the tack can be adjusted up or down to match the height of the opposite "clew". The sail can be launched in the conventional fashion and can be carried from about 45, with the "tack" hauled down tightly, to roughly 160 with the tack lifted up to 8-10' above the deck (depending upon how the sail sets when off the wind. Running off, the sail might like a foot or two free of the masthead to get a good set.

The forgoing is not difficult and can put your sail to good use for you.


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