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Re: Seasick medication

Originally Posted by kellysails View Post
This Reletex Corporation really pisses me off. They could have easily created a version that allows you to change out the battery, but no. Greedy bastards. Whenever I get into a really foul mood I like to send them nasty grams. I think they have my email blocked now. While I'm thinking about it, it's time for another email.
Please excuse the thread drift but this is something I know a little about. If it makes you feel better to send emails go right ahead but donít expect anything from Reletex (Neurowave Medical Technologies) because I believe that they are only interested in maximizing profit and they have a method to do that. Hereís the storey:

Reliefband was owned/manufactured by Woodside Biomedical, Inc., in Carlsbad, California.

In the search for antiemetics with less side effects and/or that were cheaper (oh, the irony) there were several clinical trials that tried Reliefband to help alleviate post-operative and chemo. induced nausea. Anyone who is interested can look these up in PubMed. Iím not sure who paid for these trials and I canít be bothered to research it but they were probably paid for in full or part by NIH grants, i.e. U.S. taxpayer dollars.

Abbott Laboratories either purchased Woodside Biomedical or purchased the rights to Reliefband and Woodside Biomedical closed down.

Based on the advantages as described in the medical trials, someone, I believe Abbott but possibly Neurowave Medical Technologies, gained FDA approval. This is the key thing because it then allowed Reliefband (now known as Reletex) to become an approved medical device that could be charged to medical insurance, thus opening the doors significantly larger profits.

Abbot sold the rights to Neurowave Medical Technologies. Neurowave Medical Technologies is a privately held Illinois coporation based in Chicago. If you want to find out who owns the company, you can pull the corporate record if you want but the board of directors comprises middle eastern medical marketers and U.S. venture capitalists as follows:
Khalid Alagel is the Founder and CEO of The Gulf Care Group (GCG), an innovative healthcare consulting company which develops international patient programs for client hospitals.
Wilbur H. Gantz, III is President and Chief Executive Officer of PathoCapital LLC, a privately owned company investing in the healthcare field.
Farhan Hussain is the President and CEO of Neurowave Medical Technologies. Prior to NMT, Mr. Hussain was a founding partner of The Gulfcare Group (GCG).
Bruce V. Rauner is chairman of GTCR, a Chicago-based venture capital and private equity firm.

Also address for the U.S. office of Gulf Care Group is the same as the address of Neurowave Medical Technologies.

Clearly their model is to maximize profits by marketing single use medical devices to medical facilities who will use them help their patients. And because it is now a medical device and insurance will pay, they can charge much higher prices than before. And because it is single use, they can sell more of them.

I donít believe they have any incentive to market to the public or to make a device with reusable batteries. I will leave you to draw your own conclusions.

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