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(Saved by CO detector overvoltage beeping) -- Gel cell charge voltage settings?

Any opinions on this?

Background: We have a Solar Boost 3024i solar charge controller that I installed on our 170 watts of solar panels.

Yesterday while working on the boat, the CO detector went off. I was a little apprehensive until I read the top of the detector where it said that the slow blinking light means over/under voltage. Quickly looking at the Victron battery monitor, I saw the voltage at 15v and current at 3.86 amps. Not sure if that current was hurting our 330 amp-hour Gel cell bank, but seeing 15 volts was scary.

It turns out that I had the internal microswitch set for monthly equalize. I must have gotten the on-off direction confused. So I took the opportuniy to review the other settings. Here's what I have it set for:
charge voltage 14.4v
charge time: 2 hours
float voltage 13.2
This means that the solar panels will charge the batteries until they hit 14.4 volts for 2 hours. Then it will lower the voltage to 13.2 hours. (Of course, when the sun goes down, the charging stops.)

Any opinions on whether those are the right settings?

I can change the settings up or down in 0.2 volt increments. (If I get a separate device that programs the controller, I can be more precise. But for now, it's 0.2 volt increments.)

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