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Re: In regards to Lightning

Back in the 80's I was working as a computer service engineer. This was back in the days when a simple basic computer cost $5000. One of the contracts our company had was for a commercial real-estate company. They had computer rooms full of computers and used them to keep a data base of real-estate listings in.

A storm had came through the area with very frequent lightening strikes. One bolt hit a tree across the street from the real-estate building. Agents watched a ball of lightening come off the tree and go through the closed window and into the side of one of the computers. It jumper from one computer to another until it passed through all 10 in the room. After that the now smaller ball exited and bounced down the hall and out the window at the end of hall.

Out of the 10 computer systems to be hit only half were damaged and none of the dozen or so people in the room were hurt. Also the damage done was a crazy mix of things.

I have been in the electronics service business for over 30 yrs. I have seen dozens and dozens of electronics damaged by lightening and I'd have to say none of the devices sold as protection can really help. There are a few that can help protect from power surges that come from the power supplied to the building or your boat. Say you are docked in a area with power that varies from 100 volts up to 150 volts. A good battery backup system can help level out the input voltage.

Another note about surge protectors, although they may or may not protect you from lightening damage, many of them are better built. Look for solid construction and a built in resettable breaker with a heavy cord.
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