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Re: In regards to Lightning

Originally Posted by neverknow View Post
And someone wants to try and sell you a little device to protect
Well, you do have to marvel at the success of some of these Lightning Protection Snake Oil Salesman, those guys are GOOD...

For example, imagine selling the entire aviation industry on the need for devices that are completely useless in reducing the buildup of static electricity on an ungrounded aircraft in flight, and thus acting as a conduit for step leaders... Who'd a thunk the engineers at an outfit like Airbus could be so naive, to buy into such nonsense?

So, would you care to fly into Dallas or Tampa late on a summer afternoon, in an airliner on which all the static wicks had been removed? If, in fact, one could find a pilot crazy enough to do so, or the FAA would have permitted the plane to take off to begin with?

Nah, pilots... they're probably even more superstitious than sailors...

Me, I'm thinking about replacing the air terminal at the top of my rig with an old 1-iron...

The golfer Lee Trevino probably has it right, as he famously quipped about the best lightning protection on the golf course during a thunderstorm being the simple holding of one of those clubs over your head, pointed towards the heavens:

"Hell, everyone knows even GOD can't hit a 1-iron..."
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