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Re: Making a living as a liveaboard

Coming in at the end of this thread, and new in the community here. It would seem that with the various skill-sets I have I should pretty well cover most of my needs, abroad even? IT/IS Unix/Cloud infrastructure background. Currently work remotely 80%+ of the time. Looking to make that full break to 100% remote but getting pushback from my current gig, riding it out for now but feeling comforted by what I am seeing for the IT/IS around the world idea... I do have some other skill-sets (electronics/communication/metal-working/woodworking/light-fiberglass/sewing/fire-performance/jewelry) and have spent may years traveling on land using those skills, northeast welding in a tram shop, fl as a vet-tech, co as a wisp admin, az building log houses in prescott, back and forth across the state, canada, and down through panama with the fire performance (for tips/beer at tourist hotspots, and with/without a local troop and a hat) and guerilla jewelry (hemp/silver/copper/etc wire-knot work). I am in an interesting transitional time in my life right now and have found alot of time on my hands for reflection on life and plans unfulfilled. through that I have been coming back to the nomad in me and the ideal path of freedom with self sustainability needed to fulfill that nomadic desire while ensuring it is not a burden on others, specifically those I am responsible for on the mainland and those I am visiting (not taking from the local economy but adding when able, via special skill/ability/product/function)

From what I am gathering I can:
1.) Use what I have saved to purchase the most optimal version I can find of what I need available in my budget (3-8k, 28-32', prob in need of work, a good income at the moment to facilitate repairs/improvements bi-weekly, just seems to go elsewhere, could be the 1600$ rent maybe)
2.) Continue to accumulate a nest-egg before leaving my current gig, while improving/sailing/learning my new home and honing the other skills needed.
3.) Work to support our (self/ship/dog) needs needs while abroad using IT/IS and ANY other skill-set I can tap into from my broad experience base in life, and use savings to ensure land needs are taken care of (support/family/etc...)
4.) Either it works out and I can keep going, I come home (to moms? or a couch somewhere) broke but with an awesome experience for life and find a new cubicle job), or more likely somewhere in the middle? I find a balance that works for me between the two, if I have to land in a harbor somewhere and get a unix/windows/IT gig, it pays well enough to support the long term, 3months at a time even I feel would cover the costs of more then the other 9m, esp when minimized.

Thanks for all the good previous info, looking forward to more to come. I will try to keep things updated as I move through the motions of securing 100% remote and the lifestyle I desire.

Happy sails.
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