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Re: Cruiser's Biggest Provisioning Surprises...

Originally Posted by barefootnavigator View Post
Brian, you might be surprised how easy it is to bake fresh bread. If you don't want so much heat from the oven try using a cast iron skillet and making corn bread. I'ts so easy even I can do it and there is nothing in the world as luxurious as fresh bread. As far as the paper towels go its hopeless. We try and try, we have a 99% green boat but paper towels are our downfall.

When it comes to provisioning dog food is our money pit, we spend almost the same amount on Chloe as we do on our self's. Once we cross the border we will start sharing our food with her and cutting down on kibble but she is older and her food has all the vitamins and minerals a doggy could want. Storage for dog food is another issue, we buy a 6 month supply at a time and it definitely cuts into our booze storage.
have a gluten allergy so am bread free for the most part, imagine I could premix the gluten free post purchase and do some cornbread with the nongluten-flour combo as a sub though pure maza (w/out a gluten based mix in) is kinda hard to find even on the populated mainland, wonder how it is out and about...

per the paper towels, ever think about just not buying them, and learning to make due? its not like having a papertowel onboard is going to save your life one day or anything, maybe something you can learn to do without given the motivation, or not I dont know just seems like a good way to do away with something you know you dont need...

the dogfood... yes a problem possibly, though like all problems maybe more of an opportunity to overcome and minimize through effort which it seems from the posting you already do.. if you look at foods which are by all definitions of the veterinary community some of the best available on the market, depending on breed. most have a high content of fish which in theory should be pretty plentiful in your situation, combined with veggies and a complex grain (brown/wild/etc rice).. so while I would definitely pay attention to the consistency of this diet and additives of maybe a more expensive kibble to suplement the vitamins, or even investigate something to take the place of it you all can share, I would think for the most part you could share the base drygoods (alcohol aside ) and have a smaller requirement for storage of kibble specifically.. unless its an emergency ration situation, then have at it...
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