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Re: Liveaboard in SF Bay?

Originally Posted by shadowraiths View Post
3/4g coverage should not be a problem in the bay area. I have always had cell coverage when I've been on the water.

I have noticed a growing trend wrt minimum boat size & live aboards...

If you're considering living on the hook, you will need to factor in everything from power (i.e., solar? wind?)...
Nice to hear on the 3/4g.

I am pretty flexible, have a few marina visits coming up. Ideally if I find the right spot that would offer some nice consistency and space to work initially, however with the desire to be out on the water as much as possible, I was thinking more "transient" docking in that I suppose I was referring more to a local route that works for me using temp/cruising accommodations as needed/available. I know this is more expensive if broken down over the full month or whatever the data set is, but as needed it may work out a bit better still looking at the cost breakdowns to get a better idea of it all.

on/off the hook full/semi full time, definitely the end goal.. lots of steps to get there. I currently run data center infrastructure, so a good chunk of my accountability is power, redundency, cooling, load monitoring, etc.. and have worked on several off grid solar/wind/water installations on land for myself (vwbus/schoolbus conversion) and others (house/land), been digging back into old research and current materials/applications but thats another thread entirely, power/water/waste/comms/etc. all foundations I am building on.

Per the article, interesting read. I can see where there may be pushback from the city, or special interest groups, for what they view as a floating shanty town. Seems its been going on for more then a few decades in more then this bay... Good to see some effort to assist going on, do also see where the intentions could be questioned by the floating community as well.

Thanks all for the input.

happy sails,
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