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Re: The future of the sailing world. Why are there so few young people cruising??

Originally Posted by hannah2 View Post
Majority is not always right. That is why we have elected officials. But who cares and who cares about the inter coastal waterway. Maybe too many folks took their freedom a little too far and now you have cops everywhere.

Actually no, you are incorrect. I say this with all the respect in the world and only an earnest attempt to educate you.

While majority is not always right it is NOT the reason we have elected officials. The purpose of an elected official is to be a representative 'of the people' it is their job to support and defend OUR views not their own. This country is supposed to be a Republic that uses Democracy in its election and law passing process. Not a Dictatorship (such as some of the countries in the Middle East) or a Monarchy such in England. Unfortunately No the politicians have mostly not been doing their jobs but this is a different topic and at most maybe one small reason that steers some away from boat ownership

I am not typically a fan of political angles But I have plenty of friends on the E coast who roll their eyes every time the topic of the FL laws come up. One of them now lives here full time in part to that problem. Someone with a 1.5 million dollar boat.

I think there are plenty of 'youngsters' on the water still. I am in my late 20's my sailing student is in her mid 20's but there are certainly 'more' things for youngsters to do these days.

video games, cell phones, app games, sleeping a lot. The economy is also poor. Between my main girl and I we make a good living and that is one of the few reasons we are able to afford a boat. Not everyone wants to leave the land life completely behind in order to sail so a good percentage of those people are unable to own.

I also understand the point of those who have been in the military. I am a formerly active duty Marine myself. Freedom and quiet is among the reasons I have learned to love the sea. plying my skills against the ocean who has been kind enough not to end my life is another reason. The challenge of doing something meaningful.

Before the topic turns to that. I saw my share of nasty stuff overseas and sure that absolutely plays a part in why I go away on my boat once in awhile, and the allure of being away from people occasionally is not lost on me.

Just my 2 cents
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