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Re: Mainsail from Hell OR am I an Old Fart?

I'm calling BS on this whole thread. To borrow a phrase from Cool Hand Luke- "What we've got here is failure to communicate". IMO, the OP obviously did not do a good job of communicating his wishes clearly and the sail maker didn't do a good job of explaining what he would deliver. When you read this thread and the other thread on CF you see phrases like " the sailmaker should have known". Really? There is also is a lesson here in that you should probably deal locally if you have very specific needs. If the OP was local to the sailmaker he could bring the sail back to loft, demand it be fixed, or his money back, or a new sail. Probably would have been resolved by now. The OPs biggest problem is that he/she is a world away from the sailmaker. On a tight budget, the freight to send the sail back eats into the cost quite a bit. On the other thread the OP said he was having the sail modified locally and keeping it. So why post here on sailnet if you have already resolved the issue? You would think that would be the end of the story but no, the OP seems to want to punish the sailmaker. Obviously whining about it on CF wasn't enough. Threatening the sailmaker with negative reports on sailing websites would appear to cut off any realistic path to a settlement. Anybody want to buy this guy's book after this?

BTW- all those recommending legal recourse are nuts. Good luck coming out whole on that. Considering the legal fees, time, and expenses you could easily spend more recovering your money than you would get. No guarantee that you would win.You might feel better but your pocket would be lighter and you still wouldn't have a sail.
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