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Re: Newbe with no experience buys big boat


Thanks for your advice, but my quest is definitely no longer to find a woman. I have to be realistic about these matters. I'll be 53 in a couple of months, and I'm a good 90 lbs overweight for my height. My tastes have not changed in twenty years. Frankly, I don't see much use in a relationship besides starting a family and raising kids - and the odds of a fit and pretty woman of child-bearing age wanting to do that with me (not a millionaire either!) is as close to zero as you can get. I am through re-arranging my life in pursuit of women: I love coastal California and there is no chance I'm going to move in the hope that in some other part of America women will appreciate me more. Sorry!

I reject the notion that a man's life is somehow wasted or lived in vain if there is no woman dependent on him (or no relationship, however you wish to phrase it). A relationship is NOT "essential to a good life." The misconception that it is produces much misery and waste in our world.

I am not saying "life has no purpose" (I have met many men who swear that unless a man has a lover, he is useless and without purpose and might as well blow his brains out). Instead, each individual decides the purpose of his or her life. I feel very fortunate that writing Breaking Seas has given me the confidence to tackle a far more challenging project - a novel - and not a sailing novel, either. I have lots of stories in me fighting to get out, and this one story in particular I feel I must get down on paper now or I will burst at the seams. If Breaking Seas was my path to get to this point, that makes it far more than worthwhile.



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