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Re: Mainsail from Hell OR am I an Old Fart?


Being as you have numerous books out, you are probably a bit well known to a degree. Remember, the beetching about something as you have done, can come back to haunt you.

I've spent 30 some odd years landscaping in the area I live in. At an association meeting about 20 yrs ago, some of us that had the same type of clients starting talking about clients from hell. ALL but one at a table of 8 had delt with one women in a local town. A month later she started her normal spring or what ever calling to find someone to replace who she did not like. Even tho many of us felt the yard looked great driving by, no weeds, lawn was edged, green etc. She wanted it cheep! Only would pay X dollars, which was about 3-5 hrs a month, yet it would take 10-12hrs to really keep up the yard, plus fertilizer, weed killers etc. Soon she kept getting increased bills 3-4 times what was started with. because she did not want to pay, but would not pay unless you spent the 10-12 hrs, and she kept track!

She called me one day to get a bid, I told her I would not. Even tho she got my name from the assoc directory. ALong with being the state president at the time. I told her why, along with I had attempted to keep her happy 7 yrs ago. Did not work, I lost my shirt on her place. She moved out of the house a few yrs later, supposedly to a condo or equal. The place never looked good after that phone call, as she could not get anyone to work for her. For many of us knew, she would not pay the proper amount to do what we had to do to keep her yard maintained the way she wanted.

So by beetching about this person, you are as said earlier, saying a lot about yourself. It is possible, that we in the contracting biz call, adding a ding dong factor for folks we feel will be PITA's! will do just that for you now. As ratting on the internet, can get you the other way around! It was not uncommon for me to add upwards of 20-30% of what I might normally charge for someone I could tell would be PITA! If I got the job, I was at least partially covered for said ding dong. If I did not get the job, oh well.........

Not sure if as you stated, all was agreed to up front, be it your fault for not, or if you did say truly what you wanted, but made it also be you wanted low cost......being as this sailmaker is literally as far from you as can be.......may not have worried about you, cared or otherwise......This episode can and may bite both of you in the rear asset! Be careful in how you continue to approach the issue at hand! There is ALWAYS two sides to any given situation!


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