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Re: The future of the sailing world. Why are there so few young people cruising??

Interesting stuff. Over on the thread (interesting sail boats) Paulo posted a vid of young people crossing from S. Africa to Brazil. Post 3867. The youngsters here should go have a look. I don't know that young couple but I'm willing to bet they had the desire to overcome every excuse I see by young people here why they are not sailing to far off destinations. Again, nothing about today's problems has anything to do with truly wanting to get out and do it. There have always been problems for each and every generation but a certain percentage of young people have over come those problems because they really wanted to do it. It will be the same 30 years from now.

About wanting to hang out in the cockpit with grandparent aged people. Maybe that is why you are not sailing. It takes a bigger mind than that to over come many of the difficulties to go serious cruising. Maybe you need to spend more time actually getting to talk with more people of any age who are serious cruisers than spending time on the internet, you should be walking the docks of marinas where people really sail. What you will find that there is no age bias within the serious cruising community. We all have the same interest and desires and that is why we are actually out cruising. I realize young serious sailors need time with other sailors their age and they always find much time to do so. But they also have time to be apart of all the cruising community as we old farts have time for the young and don't think twice about someones age. Thinking like that sounds like the famous Bumfuzzels the famous 3 ring circus of the cruising world.
I'm not trying to be a jerk or arrogant here I just want many of the young and the old here that are always bitchin that you are not looking for a solution you are only making excuses.

For a lot of the young want to be sailors from N. America you should be reading the Interesting sailboat thread and learning why there are more Europeans young sailing around the world. They have discovered the new breed of boats around 10 meters long and saving their money to buy them then go live their dream. These boats have been around long enough now that in Europe I bet you can pick up a good used one for for a lot less than all the old junk that is left on the N. American market that one has to put so much into in cost and time and still only have half the boat of the European boats. I couldn't think of a better solution for a young person than saving enough money to go to Europe buy a modern designed used boat and taking off to far off places from there. Paulo knows his stuff an can answer any questions on boats posted that might work for you in your price range. Do the research, set goals and do it.

Remember I did it when I was in my twenties and I know what it was like sailing all over the place. It is the very best time of your life to go but excuses I hear on this thread make me believe many of the young just dream and dream and dream. Back in the 70's there were also many of the young that just dreamed too, they never did much but that but that will always be.

Good luck, we love seeing young cruisers out there be it young families, young couples, two young guys, two young gals or young single handers. We drink together, we surf together, play music together, sail to destinations in the same weather window and we talk story together all learning so many interesting things about life from each other.

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