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Re: The future of the sailing world. Why are there so few young people cruising??

Originally Posted by c. breeze View Post
Or spend a few days helping a stranger fix his boat

Or party my ass off with the locals

Or go do a little fishing

But- hey you and the other "real sailors" enjoy that dock.
I do enjoy the dock at times but then I enjoy all aspects of long distant sailing. Maybe you mistook me for the group who does not sail and only hangs out at docks. We sail the world and sail it hard but in doing so we enjoy all that is offered hopefully like you do, the locals in far off places, the cruisers close to home and those sailing to the same destinations we do. Fishing is one of my first loves while passage making.
Soon we will pickup our new boat in France and be headed off on another adventure hopefully for 5 or 6 years this time. Our major destinations on this one hopefully will be the Caroline Islands and the rivers of Borneo and PNG. We love at times the isolation of atolls in the middle of nowhere and sometimes we love hanging out for the cyclone season in a busy port in New Zealand, surfing, drinking with cruisers and locals we have met along the way.
We are lucky to be able to afford a new boat at our age.
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Here is our only blog from our last trip across the pacific back in 2007 to 2009, it was only two years because our younger son had had enough and wanted to go to high school instead of being homed schooled. We have grand kids now and wanted them to be able to follow us seeing we couldn't spend much time with them. I wish I could have had a blog back in the 70's of sailing then. I think you would see it is much the same as your sailing is now. They were great times and I hope more younger dreamers will get out and do it like you are but excuses won't make it happen will it.
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Keep up the good work and if we meet up on our next passage come aboard have a rum and let's talk fishing or take mine or your boat out of some exotic anchorage and troll with hand lines for Ahi and Mahi while under sail.


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