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The 99/1 thing wasn't an economic or political reference. It was you saying that 99% of the time is in the hook or ball or dock- and 1% is spent sailing.

Of course sailing basics are sailing basics. In that light- it really took me a bit longer than it should have to realize that my alberg drawn boat isn't that different (performance wise) from an opti- IE keep it upright. To this end I'm all about some early reefing. As I told my dad a short month after taking ownership " pop- it's a travesty that this boat that is a dog in less than 10 knots needs a reef at 12 to sail". Nope. No travesty- just not the stiff performance oriented boat I grew up on. The keelboats I had sailed most prior to this boat were sabres shaw era pearsons J's
And cals. All a far cry from anything Carl alberg drew.


None of the girls I know would be caught dead on a rig like this. Sure looks aren't everything- or even much at all- but seriously? Hence the Buick regal station wagon reference.

I'm familiar with the designers- and there success an failure on the campaign trail- but I'm about to spend a bunch of time learning about s hulls and what they are about. That said- the hull isn't the problem on your typical cruising cAt- IE the leopard. A hull is only as good as the condo you bolt to the top if it.

I'm probably of the farrier/ corsair school mainly when it comes to "cruising" multihulls. Reasonable pointing, pretty decent tacking for a multihull, and of course they just haul ass.

My sister in law is of the opinion that I would crack a big grin if you stuck me in the middle of the ocean or a swimming pool in a bathtub with a broomstick and a bed sheet. Point being- I don't give a good god damn what I'm on or where I am as long as there is wind and waves. I really want to like the cruise cats- I've delivered a few- I find the final execution of the design lacking however- from the viewpoint of the sailor. Because of my roots- I'm always looking for that magic combo of flying and sailing however- so I ll continue to keep my eyes ears and mind open.

And also- I will hold to the belief that sailboats are for sailing first and foremost. As soon as you start to chop into that functionality- they are boring, and may as well be stinkboAts. I'm not the guy who screams for a more seaworthy boat- though I do appreciate one. I'm the guy who will rail against builders (we aren't talking designers- builders are the ones who execute well or ruin a design) who take a sailboat and turn it into the ghastly abominations you see motoring around the carribean.
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