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Re: Newbe with no experience buys big boat


1. Imagine four "realistically sized" American adults in a Pudgy. Especially if three or more of them are men, that alone would probably exceed the weight capacity of 557 lbs. Even if two of them were slim women and the other two average sized, fit men, you'd be right at over slightly over the limit - with no leeway for food, water, survival gear, the canopy, etc. Do the math: 2x(120+160)=560. And today's middle aged crowd is bigger than that!

You can probably overload the Pudgy and not drown IF the sea state is mild and you are picked up in a few hours. But seriously, now. I just can't imagine four real adults, 2013 sized, in a Pudgy far out to sea for days at a time. I would be cursing the blockheaded skipper. I don't want to be that blockheaded skipper!

2. When I go from CA to Hilo in a couple of years with maybe 4-6 friends and family aboard, I'll have both a Pudgy and a 6-person liferaft aboard. If the boat sinks, I'd distribute the people so that neither lifecraft is overloaded and the raft is ballasted.
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