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Re: The future of the sailing world. Why are there so few young people cruising??

Originally Posted by youmeandthed View Post
I'm curious on opinions on this one. When Baby boomers were in their 20's there were lots of them in small capable sailboats (some they made themselves) cruising across oceans; but now-a-days the majority of twenty-year olds appear to be utterly useless. I just don't get it, and I'm in my twenties, and cruising.

I'm also curious as to where people think the future of the sailing industry is going if there are so few young people involved?

Any thoughts?
Here is the original post on the subject. The OP was curious to know why 20's were not cruising as much as their baby boomer peers did in the 70's, that would be when the baby boomers were in their 20's.

The truth is their are 20 somethings cruising now. Percentage wise I'd say it the same as the 70's maybe even a bit higher percentage. You can't look at the number of boats sitting in Marinas. You can't look at costs of boats because 20 somethings and 30 somethings who are cruising over came any of the problems of today's world just like the baby boomers who went cruising back in the 70's had to over come the problems of the that era. And there were many and they seemed at the time just as grave as today's problems. The draft and the Vietnam war were huge compared to today's economic problems. And our parents were much more conservative about our futures than today. We were the generation that was told to go get a job, have 2.4 kids and live in the burbs. At least today as parents to 20 somethings we tell them to live their dreams far more than we were told by our parents.
Boats have always been sitting around in marinas and we used to comment on it all the time. But most sailors, 99% of them don't have and never had dreams of serious cruising so all those boats don't mean anything to someone cruising.

Wolfenzee, All those yachties don't mean a thing, what has that to do with cruising for you or me or anyone wanting to go cruising? Please fill me in on your thoughts. Do you think that your friend that sailed all over the Pacific had to escape the Yachties in the marina syndrome. I'm sure he was so focused on going cruising that he gave a rats butt about those people.

I wish some of the young guys that have posted on this thread that have taken off on long journeys would post again and tell us how they did it. All the hassles they had to overcome to do it. I promise you they had no excuses about 60 hour work weeks keeping them from doing it, maybe 60 hour work weeks so they could go. Maybe they had someone they were in love with but the urge to go cruising was stronger and left that love.

We just go round and round on this interesting thread. I don't give up on the young because there is like there always been a small percent of them who excel in thinking outside the box and just don't dream but live there dream. The rest are just people who need the other things in life, College, jobs, lots of money, etc. We should be happy for them and be even more happy that some of the young have figured out that there can be more to life than the usual. We have heard from some young who have lots of excuses and there is nothing wrong with that buts lets hear from those out doing and how they did it.
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