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Re: Newbe with no experience buys big boat

One of the things to remember...if you're thinking about the notion of "comfort" while in a life that comfort seems to be impossible. I remember from Calahan's story, and the story of the Butlers who were adrift for 76 days (I think), both in inflatables, that skin was rubbed raw pretty quickly, and they couldn't ever really stretch out and get comfortable. And every story I've ever read about multiple people ending up in a liferaft has involved the shock at how small it is. So, I don't really put the notion of comfort or space on the evaluation list. That said, being at sea for an extended period in a hard-shell liferaft is going to really hurt after a while. The trade off is that it won't lose air (which was the scariest aspect to me in both the Butler and Calahan stories).

The other trade off, as has already been mentioned, is the stowage and moving-around issue of the Pudgy over an inflatable vs. the mobility of the Pudgy over an inflatable once in the water.

I love the idea of actively working your way out of a nightmare instead of just drifting around in it.

I don't know, Med, maybe I don't hate your Pudgy as much as I thought. It really is a hard call isn't it?

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