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Re: Mainsail from Hell OR am I an Old Fart?

Originally Posted by JackandJude View Post

"What I'm uncomfortable with is the OP using this discussion forum as a proxy to put leverage on the sailmaker."

Mark, It has never been our intention to put leverage on the sailmaker. Or punish him as others have mentioned.

blt2skiAnd that brings me to my last point - Some out there want to apply their perverse thinking to this - He's cheap, he's a scoundrel who got what he deserved. He's an extortionist trying to get a free sail. Well, we are none of those things. We are elderly folk who have sailed ocean all their lives. We have two loving sons who we raised afloat, educating them to year 10 and 11, we now have 9 grandchildren, everyone in our family lives within cooee of us. In your language that means we can shout and they'll hear.
Jude and I were in business while we got our assets up to scratch for our old age, and never had one complaint - never. We did plenty of jobs for little pay when the party did not have a lot. We figured the goodwill would help us one day, and like I said at the beginning, felt we owed big time for all the doors that have been opened for us.

, Buy a sail from Somerset Sails and you may regret like us.

This cover is second edition, the first showed a smidgen of sail flying
First you say this

Mark, It has never been our intention to put leverage on the sailmaker. Or punish him as others have mentioned
And then you say this

Buy a sail from Somerset Sails and you may regret like us.
To the casual observer, which I, am it seems your statements are disengenuous. Then you couple that with the FACT you ahve been on multiple sailing sites posting similar dissatisfactions with the sailmaker I would say you are in fact trying to destroy the sail makers reputation.

No doubt that the sail was not what you expected and appears to be ( just by a picture you posted) less than meeting your specs that you wanted. See heres where the problem comes in. You take absolutely no repsonsibility in this. Why did you accept this sail in the first place if it wasnt what you wanted? You went with this soley on price, a ridicuously low price to boot for what it appears you requirements were. There were other SN tested sailmakers on line that had good reputable customers. You ignored that suggestions,cause i guiess you know better ( you sail in the roaring 40s). Be thats as it may, the sailmaker is willing to make good, but you want a pound of flesh. You want to ruin him online. And you continue to spew.

I wonder if we talked to the sailmaker we wouldnt get this scenerio. He started out with a simple request for a sail. He boasted a lot about all his experience and even talked about his sailling all over creation and his book. He sent me specs and I tried to make the best sail I could to the price point he gave me, which by the way even below the bottom end. he even gave me the price of a few large mail order sail lofts and asked if I could beat them as he wanted to keep his business local. After I made his sail and shipped it he never said much initially, but then there came a while slew of messages and threats. He ran on and on I should have visted HIS site and KNOWN how he sailed and should have taken an interest in him.r the measly $1500 he was willing to spend. He wanted a Rolls Royce for Chevy prices. I tried to make good and appease him to no avail. He even threatened to ruin my name all over the internet if I didnt give him what I wanted. I offered to take back the sail or even fix things, but he wanted me to take a total loss. He accepts no responsisbility and has done as he stated by going on many sailing sites and slamming me. Thank goodness some of the other sailors on these sites can see thorugh him some. I hope he stops soon.

Sir, I question your motives. As the casual observer, you boast an awful lot about yourself. You explain how you are this poor man who just wants to sail and see the world and love it. Thats cool. And then .....oh by the way I wrote a book, and oh by the way here is the name of it...and oh by the way the second edition is out, and heres a picture of it
This cover is second edition, the first showed a smidgen of sail flying

So here are the facts sir, that everyone can see without prejudice

FACT: You have accomplished what you smeared the sailmaker on multiple sites and denigrated his name

FACT: You have managed to promote you book, without speding a dime, which I am sure the proceeds go to charity and not you (sic)

FACT: The original sailmaker offered to make good, but you refused
beacsue it may cost you shipping and by continuing your posting you could make a name for yourself and promote your book

Get going and go sailing, have fun....enjoy yourself. Fair winds and calm seas. At least till edition three of your book comes out
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