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Re: Newbe with no experience buys big boat

I'm sure spending more than a few hours in ANY small craft in a survival situation would be brutal. But when all is said and done, the thing that actually matters THE MOST is that the damned thing keep floating. If you lose that single thing then there is no other consideration that matters one iota.

I just finished reading "Endurance" which is the story of the Shackleton expedition to Antarctica. When they finally took to the water to effect self-rescue in the lifeboats, those guys sat in one spot for nearly a week. Sat. In one spot. There was no room to even lie down. One developed an abcess inside his butt cheek. Another's feet froze because he could not wiggle them as there was no room to move for days.

Then, when the smaller party set sail from Elephant Island to go for help, they used tons of stones as ballast in a 22 foot open boat. For about eight days the off watch laid on these big rocks under a tarp. They had to kneel on these rocks to move them in order to shift ballast because the entire boat was filled with rocks and what stores they could take. Between the salt sores, the frostbite and the laying on rocks, it was Hell.

Everything about the entire ordeal was SUCK FACTOR 10. But the boat didn't sink. They lived because the boat didn't sink.

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