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Originally Posted by Hartley18 View Post
Congratulations, C2F!!

That and a buck-fifty probably won't get you a cup of coffee even in your part of the world...

Well I guess we'll soon know if you're right once the investigation is complete. I'm still not convinced the bilge pump failures were as widely known amongst the officers and crew as you suggest - because if they did, unless the entire crew were a bunch of mindless lemmings, surely we wouldn't be talking about it now.

The absence of so much as a "Pan-Pan" call once the water started rising, has me puzzled though..
It's not me, I'm basing it on one of the deckhand testimony, CG asked him twice if he was saying he reported above normal water level/ electric pumps not keeping up on Thursday before they set sailed, to the engineer and the officer of his watch.
Both pumps were fitted with PSI gauges and showed about 60-70% less pressure than usual.

Deckhand confirmed that twice.

Captain said he will think about it. CM later testified he followed up with captain and captain told him he thinks the pumps were fine.

Interesting CM testified that Captain himself brought up the rot (!) in the bounty hull when the ship was in the heavy weather, and suggested to CM it will not matter, hull will be ok. CM claims he didn't know about rot util that conversation with the captain.

BTW even Claudine was texting about pumps not working - that has to tell you something as no Pan Pan even, by the CG officer in charge testimony, official Mayday, was not called.

First time CG learned about Bounty problem was from the Tracy Simonin (sp) of Bounty org, not anybody on the ship.

I wish I'm wrong, but the testimony was pretty damning.

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