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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by nolatom View Post
I understand from earlier reading that Bounty did not have a Certificate of Inspection from the Coast Guard.

Wasn't aware whether or not the was "in class" with ABS, LR, DNV or whomever? I take it, not?

Anyone know if the other tall ships are 'classed'? To me, having ABS involved, especially with a unique (wood) vessel with lots of cladding covering the ribs and frames, would give me a much better feeling than a vessel inspected by, uh, no one?
No it was not inspected and registered as a private yacht.
They even subverted the tonnage rules to get (less) 250GT certification to avoid some of the rules.

CG also assumed the crew was "professional", and classified the initial contact as mid risk - they were asked by the panel why they assumed so - they pretty much couldn't believe that the ship will be sailed by amateurs.

Other vessel captains testified it took them 7 years to get certifications..

Originally Posted by casey1999 View Post
From what I understand the Bounty should have notified the CG that they had lost generators, pumps and engines.

Are we (as pleasure boaters) required to notify CG if our engine fails on our sailboat? Should we notify if our bilge pump fails while at sea? I could see if conditions are rough (high winds and seas) where the loss could endager boat and crew it would be wise to issue a Pan Pan to CG and keep them informed, but is this required during benign conditions?

They subverted the system to register as a private yacht.

Technically private yacht is NOT required to report it.

But Coast Guard highly recommends you issue a PAN PAN call, it helps them advise you and prepare for possible rescue.

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
Maybe I stated it badly. I was referring what they had said themselves and was published previously in the press. I did not meant to say that when they sailed that they had not been informed about the Hurricane. What I meant to say is that they had not been aware of its importance till some hours before and some not even after that reunion. Barksdale says "Nobody knew that it was going to have the intensity and size it ended up having" .
His testimony is highly suspect.. others testified that the Captain didn't have a plan, he just said I know you were getting texts, there is a weather system, we will go east offshore - and then decide what to do. I and Bounty always made it.

That's it. "Don't worry" talk.

At this point everyone was getting texts from their friends about Sandy.

It was predicted to be 1000 mi Superstorm.

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